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Congratulations, you are ready to get PUBLISHED!

Completing your manuscript

It's a major accomplishment! Now it's time to publish your book, and S&B Company is ready to help you make that happen. With S&B Company, you don't need to hire a literary agent, spend months or years shopping your manuscript, or endure manuscript rejection letters. Instead, we offer you high quality printing, fast turnaround, and extremely competitive pricing.

All the support you want

With S&B Company, you're in control of the publishing, but have ongoing, personal support when you need it. With guidance from our experienced Publishing and Marketing Consultants, you can:

      Provide input to the design and layout of the book
      Select the best promotional materials that best fits your plans

      Retain the rights to your work, so you can profit from selling movie rights

We simply provide the services, advice and expertise you need to get published. That means you get the book you want in the market much faster than with a traditional publisher and you have the potential to earn a greater amount on each book sold.

All the publishing and promotional services you need

When you work with us, we focus on more than just printing a book. As a result, we have a list of services to help publish, promote and sell books. Our Publishing and Marketing Consultants are available to help you choose the best services to help publish your book.

Any genre you want to publish

With S&B Company, you can publish poetry, children's, fiction, self-help, spiritual, and history books, plus memoirs and almost every other category you find on a bookshelf.

With S&B Company, you can:

      Have a custom-designed book cover and interior as part of the package price
      Publish with a full-color interior, which is great for children’s books

      Have access to professional copyediting serves
      Order one book or as many as you need
      Publish in paperback format
      Select from a comprehensive range of professional services
      Publish in 30 days if needed
      Use your pen name to show up in the bookstore instead of your real name

What does it take to get PUBLISHED?

With S&B Company, you can get from manuscript to book sales faster and easier than you might think. Our publishing process is simple.

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 Complete and sign S&B Company contract. You'll begin the book publishing process by speaking with a Publishing Consultant to discuss your project plans.

Step 2  Submit your materials. Once you have compled S&B Company contract, you will submit your materials for self-publishing. An In-Process Coordinator will contact you 2-3 buisness days after you sign your contract to discuss where and in what format to send your materials. Your IPC will also send you a Submission Information Form where you will indicate any specifications you have for the design of your cover and interior.

Step 3  Publish copies of your book. Once your book is complete, you will be able to order a copy or as many as you want by speaking with a Marketing Consultant.

Publishing Without the Hassle

Bringing Books to Life